RS PRO 3 ⭢ 12mm x 175 mm HSS Hand Reamer

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RS stock number 0456917
Product description RS PRO 3 ⭢ 12mm x 175 mm HSS Hand Reamer
Manufacturer / Brand RS PRO

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Date Jun 18, 2024

RS Components Pte Ltd Robinson Road, P.O. Box 1582, Singapore 903132

Country of Origin: CN

Product Details

RS PRO HSS Tapered Hand Reamer

Introducing the RS PRO range of HSS tapered Hand Reamers. The high-quality engineering hand tools are essential when cleaning burrs from a drilled hole, or to make a hole bigger. The RS PRO range has two different sizes of tapered hand reamers:

• 8 step flutes
• The diameter of the top/bottom of the reamer head is 9.8mm/25.10mm
• Twist angle for the top/bottom of the individual flute is 80 degrees
• The overall length of the reamer head is 122mm (shaft excluded)
• Overall tool length is 235mm
• Connection shank size is 8mm (hexagon shank)

• 6 step flutes
• The diameter of the top/bottom of the reamer head is 0.20mm/12.10mm
• Twist angle for the top/bottom of the individual flute is 70 degrees
• The overall length of the reamer head is 85mm (shaft excluded)
• Overall tool length is 190mm
• Connection shank size is 6mm (hexagon shank)

Features and Benefits:

• The RS PRO hand reamers range are made from heat-treated HSS (High-Speed Steel) for ultra-durability, hardness and premium cutting performance and taper to a narrow point for easy entry into the drilled hole
• Chemically blackened finish for corrosion resistance
• Suitable for use with most ferrous and non-ferrous metals


Reaming is a mechanical process that can aid in creating precision holes and is mainly used after the hole has been drilled using a drill bit. Because of this, reamers need to be very strong and have a high tolerance to ensure that the end result is a smooth-cut hole with no sharp internal surfaces. Reamers can be used by hand or machine and are often used in:
• Metalworking industry
• Engineering production
• Automotive and aircraft industries

How does a reamer differ from a drill bit?

A reamer is stiffer and offers a higher tolerance than a drill bit. They are generally made from HSS which means that the reamer also retains much more of its strength and durability even at high temperatures. A reamer also generally comes in pre-determined sizes, just like a drill bit does, but unlike a drill bit, it cannot start a hole, which is the primary function of a drill bit. A drill bit is normally used as the first step in making a hole and a reamer is normally the last step to ensure a clean, burr-free finish with no sharp edges and to ensure the hole is at the correct size.


Attribute Value
Brand RS PRO
Flute Type Tapered
Diameter 3 ⭢ 12 mm
Material HSS
Overall Length 175 mm
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