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Lamps, Bulbs & Tubes

Lamps, bulbs and tubes are all forms of essential lighting that is used when a light source is desired. The light source may be to indicate a function or to provide more visibility.Different voltage and current ratings are available for the variety of bulb types listed, users also have the option to choose from the different range of colours we have available.Lamps vary by intensity and size, they are usually more energy efficient compared to traditional lighting. Depending on the size of the lamp, users will find this type of lighting being used in dashboards and phone systemsBulbs are highly versatile, most commonly used and can be used in a multitude of applications. Much like all the other products they feature different methods of installationTubes are most commonly referred to as strip lights or tube lights, they are a cost effective and efficient choice for users. Tube lights are usually florescent light fixtures, they are used in industrial and commercial applications such as factories, homes and officesWhat different bulb types are their?Flashing-this type of bulb can sometimes be referred to as a bulb flicker, or blinking, this is because they are installed into applications that require indication. This indication being either a colour flashingHalogen-these are usually a form on incandescent lighting that uses a halogen gas, usually increasing the light output and shelf-lifeLED-this type of bulb also has a long life-span, they emit lumens and are often used in light fixtures that produce multiple light-emitting diodes (LEDs)