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Combination Spanners

Combination spanners are hand tools used for fastening and loosening nuts or bolt heads with a hexagonal shape. They are typically made from hardened chrome vanadium steel or beryllium copper and comprise of a ring style spanner on one end and an open jaw spanner on the other. The ring end recess is generally a six-point or twelve-point opening and sometimes offers a ratchet mechanism that helps apply maximum force with minimal user effort. Combination wrenches are available in most metric sizes to allow for greater functionality across a wider range of applications.How do combination spanners work?Combination spanners rely upon the physical strengths of the user to deliver accurate force when attaching the recessed head to the fastener and rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise. Depending on the material they are made from, they can often withstand large amounts of torque being applied to stubborn fasteners.Type of Combination Spanners:Ratchet End / Open-End – these consist of a ratchet ring spanner at one end and a standard open end at the otherOffset – provide extra knuckle clearance or confined spacesHeight Safe – have a ring hook attached to the handle that can be securely attached to a wrist strap for working at heightNon-Sparking – ideal for use in potentially explosive environments such as:Power stationsPaint ManufacturingOil PlantsDistilleriesFire-fightingAerospace industryUses:Combination spanners are used by:MechanicsElectriciansNetwork EngineersDIY Enthusiasts