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Linear Slides - Assemblies

Linear slides assemblies are transmission systems where rolling elements act as the interface between a base and carriage, by rolling on guideways arranged at 90° angles.How do linear slides assemblies work? Linear slides assemblies provide precise linear movement for medium to heavy loads. They are designed to have perfect rolling contact between the rollers and guideways. This helps to keep friction to the minimum and support heavy loads without compromising performance.Linear slides assemblies often operate with no lubrication, offering self-lubrication with high performance. Their rigidity and stiffness translate to long term reliability even in high vibration and shock environments.What are linear slides assemblies used for? Linear slides assemblies are often used in modern machine tools, precision instrumentation and in the electronics industry. They are used in: Production packaging Food processing Automated test equipment Container manufacturing Material handling Component assembly Machine tool equipment Converting processes Medical equipment Laser measurement systems Sliding friction and wear tests Parts movement