Adhesive Dispenser Needles

Looking for Dispenser tips, then look no further. Our range of dispenser tips are designed for use with syringe barrels and dispense bottles. Our dispenser tips meet industrial grade safety levels and are sourced from leading brands such Kahnetics, Metcal and RS PRO. Key FeaturesStainless steel cannulaPolypropylene hubGauge 14-30What are they used for? Dispenser tips are used to control the flow of liquid material such as silicones, adhesives and gels. They are compatible with Luer slip syringe barrels to create leak free dispensing. Tip Types Tapered dispensing tips prevent obstructions and increase fluid flow rates.Bent dispensing tips have preset bends in the cannula for optimal use in areas with awkward angles. Standard dispensing tips are made with stainless steel and provide continuous adhesive fluid flow. Flexible tips can be customised according to length, which makes them suited for difficult-to-reach places. ApplicationsDispenser tips are mainly used in telecom, automotive and electronic & electrical applications. They are also used in industries where lubricant based products are made.