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Sealant Guns

Sealant guns are simple devices also known as caulking guns. Sealant guns help to apply a desired amount of sealant as a line or for filling gaps. Simple sealant guns can hold standard 310 ml or 400 ml but models designed for specific cartridges up to 1500 ml are also available.Types of caulking guns/sealant guns 1. Ratchet Rod Sealant Gun is the most common and simplest device used mainly as home users. These guns are equipped with a rod that pushes the sealant out of the tube. It is based on pressure and to stop the sealant from moving then you need to turn it upside down and release the rod. Otherwise, the sealant flow will not stop until the pressure is released. Thrust ratio of this type is gun is 5:1.2. Smooth Rod Dripless Caulk Gun working in the same way as previously described guns but the rod is supported by a spring loaded plat that pushes the caulk out of the tube. This improvement makes it possible to adjust the pressure exactly as you need it by squeezing the trigger with different pressures. You also, do need to use as much pressure as you do with ratchet rod guns. The thrust ratio is 10:1.3. Electric Caulk Gun are designed for professional users and for those that use sealant frequently. These devices are much more expensive than simple caulk guns but guarantee constant pressure and apply steady bead of sealant. These sealant guns are much easier to use and are ideal for commercial jobs. Electric sealant guns can be corded or battery operated.