Pipe Cutters

A pipe cutter is an essential plumbing tool used by professionals and DIYers to produce a clean and precise cut to a pipe. Also known as tube cutters or copper pipe cutters, these tools prove faster than using a hacksaw and can also provide a cleaner external cut on the material. Pipe cutters can leave a burr around the inside of the tubing, which should be cleaned and reamed before the pipe is used. This is especially important when cutting pipe for electrical conduits so that the insulating coating on the wires is not stripped, and also during plumbing or fluid-handling projects as these burrs can restrict the internal flow. Pipe cutters come in many shapes and sizes, so making sure the cutter is suitable for the material you need cutting before your purchase is important. Pipe cutters can be used to cut a range of pipe materials, including copper, steel, brass and plastic pipes. You can find out more in our comprehensive pipe cutters guide. Our range of pipe cutters features products from industry leading brands, including Ega-Master, Knipex, Bahco and RS PRO. What types of pipe cutters are there?Automatic Pipe Cutter – These tools are clamped onto a pipe and turned in one direction, tightening automatically until the wheel has cut all the way through the pipe.Adjustable Pipe Cutter – Adjustable cutters consist of a sharp wheel and adjustable jaw grips, which are used by rotating the tool around the pipe and repeatedly tightening as required. Every turn or two, the cutter gradually cuts further into the pipe until it finally cuts all the way through the pipe.Plastic Pipe/Tube Cutters – When you need a clean, quick cut with PVC pipe, plastic pipe cutters are specifically designed for the job. As you squeeze the cutter, the ratchet blade is gradually closed until it cuts all the way through the pipe. These cutters are great for cutting through PVC, CPVC and PEX tubing.