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Door Entry Systems

Site and workplace security is a serious concern, and controlling how employees are able to access a restricted area can be important to their safety and security. Depending on the level of security required, the RS Components range of access control kits contain everything you need to vet and allow door entry in all workplace applications.What is a Door Entry System?A door entry system is a mechanical or electronic way of locking a door until a correct trigger is activated. The trigger might be an access code for a keypad, a key card or even a biometric trigger such as a finger print identification. They are effective solutions for ensuring entry only to vetted personnel, with codes or ID cards able to be customized in ways that typical physical keys are not.The RS Range of door entry systems have vandal proof card readers and code locks for outdoor locations, as well as sophisticated finer print readers.What is a Video Door Entry System?A video door entry system might be identical to a typical access entry kit, but with an added video camera element that allows you to visually confirm the entrant. With video door entry , you can use digital video or CCTV to monitor the physical characteristics of the would-be entrant before unlocking the door with a remote lock-release. They are typically paired with phone or intercom systems, so that an entrant can be further vetted by audio if needed. Video door entry systems are excellent ways of remotely vetting security doors that might have unexpected or unverified visitors.Random Stop and SearchNo matter how sophisticated a door entry system, sometimes security presence and physical searching is unavoidable. Random stop and search person selectors are ideal for when you need to search people before entering or exiting a premises. Whether you are concerned with personnel bringing contraband items into a restricted area, or leaving with company property, it is sometimes impractical and often aggravating to search everyone coming or going. A random stop and search person selector can be set to only alert at pre-selected intervals, ensuring that here is no discrimination in the searching process.