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Calipers also known as callipers are measuring instruments with a high degree of accuracy and little margin for error when measuring length or distances. They are mostly found in physics labs, machine shops and engineering applications. There are many styles but the principle of measuring are the same, we offer a large selection of calipers to meet your linear measurement needs.What are the key features?Calipers have a robust construction, most commonly made from stainless steel. Some feature anti-glare, or satin finish that makes measurements easier to read. Some calipers will only allow for measurement of the inside or outside, depth or step of a product. However, many do give the option of measuring all of these. Calipers can display measurements in both imperial and metric.Types of Caliper• Vernier caliper• Digital vernier caliper• Dial caliper• Digital caliper• Spring caliper Vernier Caliper. These are particularly useful when you need to measure something round. They feature a fixed main scale and a moving vernier scale. The main scale is normally in tenths of an inch or millimetres while the vernier scale normally measures to the nearest 0.02 millimetres or 0.001 inches.Dial Caliper. These provide measurements with the same level of accuracy as Vernier calipers. However, instead of using two scales, a dial is used to read the final fraction of an inch or a millimetre on a dial. The measurement taken on a dial caliper is very easy to read.Digital Caliper Digital calipers use linear encoders to measure internal and external distances. This is then shown on a digital display which is simple to use and easy to read. Available with metric and imperial conversions so you can accurately measure objects with ease.Spring Caliper The primary purpose of spring calipers is to measure the internal and external diameter of an object. They differentiate by the measuring edges, and get the name spring caliper by the spring joint that loads onto the nut. To adjust the size of the measuring tips turn the adjuster clockwise or anti-clock.Where does the term Vernier come from? The vernier caliper was invented by a French mathematician named Pierre Vernier.Are there calibration options? We offer calibration on a wide range of vernier calipers and digital callipers. Application Information. Calipers are found in many industrial applications from mechanical engineering to medicine and science to metalworking.