MOSFET Drivers

Mosfet drivers are dedicated drivers that apply low voltage and provide drive current to power devices like MOSFET or IGBT. For additional information or to learn more about MOSFETs, please see our complete guide to MOSFETs.What do they do?A gate driver or mosfet driver is a power amplifier that provide the high and low output voltage to turn the mosfet on or off. Ideally suitable for driving power mosfets in inverter and converter applications.What are they also known as?Gate driversMosfet gate driversGate Drive OptocouplersTypes of mosfet driversLow side drivers; low side generally means the neutral or common side of the load. Low side output channels to control mosfets typically drive LEDs, relays and motors.High side drivers; high side basically means the power supply +Vcc/Vdd side of the load. High side output channels to control mosfets are better for turning power rails on and off. They are usually driven by an output pin configured as an open-drain (OD).Mounting typesWe supply mosfet drivers with a surface mount or through-hole configuration so they can be soldered to a circuit board.Bridge type driversHalf Bridge Drivers: designed for applications that require high power uni-directional DC motors, three-phase brushless DC motors, or other inductive loads.Full Bridge Drivers: a full-bridge controller for use with external N-channel power mosfets and is designed for automotive applications with high-power inductive loads.3 Phase Drivers: designed for pulse width modulated (PWM) current control of 3-phase, brushless DC motors.ApplicationsMosfet drivers are found in a variety of applications like home appliances, Industrial heating Motor control and drives.