Cable Marker Accessories

Cable marker accessories are designed to help you use cable marker devices effectively. Typically cable markers can be made out of of cloth, nylon, polyester, steel, or vinyl.Types of Cable Marker AccessoriesThere are a wide selection of cable marker accessories available, each suited to different cable marker tasks. Some of the most common types of cable marker accessories include:Dot matrix labels are designed specifically for use with a printer known as a dot matrix.Self-laminating labels have a clear section that laminates to protect the printed area of a label from exposure to contaminants like oil and water.Thermal printers use thermal transfer ribbons to make wire markers such as tags and wraps.Embossing tape is made for labelling jobs in the factory or on-site to provide easy and permanent cable identification. The tape helps in the marking process to make a permanent, deep surface mark which is resistant to weather extremes, high levels of UV light and corrosion.Label printer cleaning pens are used to clean across the entire print head surface, irrespective of the type of label printing material used.