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Mains Inline Connectors

Mains inline connectors typically consist of a two- or three-pin plug and socket reversible connection block with cable clips. They are most often used for outdoor power tools and lighting but are also commonly found in household equipment such as televisions and lamps. Types of mains inline connectorsTwo-pin connectorsTwo-pin mains inline connectors are designed to provide a simple way to extend the power supply to mains-connected tools and other appliances. This type of mains inline connector is made from high-impact rubber and is used with Class 2 appliances (appliances that do not need to be earthed) because it provides a double layer of insulating material between the wire and the user. Examples of these appliances include radios and DVD players, as well as various types of lighting.Three-pin connectorsThree-pin mains inline connectors are designed to be used with mains-connected tools and other earthed appliances without double insulation (Class 1 appliances), such as ovens, washing machines and refrigerators.