Plastic Rods

Plastic tube is a lightweight, extruded, versatile engineering material in round, rectangular and square form. We offer a range of tubing available in a variety of sizes, colours, lengths, diameters and wall thicknesses, ensuring the right tube for any application. Plastic tubes can be used for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.What materials are plastic tubes made from?Plastic tubes are manufactured using a wide variety of plastic materials, each suited to specific applications. We stock a wide range of plastic tubes to accommodate both light and heavy duty applications. Common plastic tube materials include:Acrylic Tube – Acrylic plastic tube is a clear plastic which boasts a range of material properties. Strong and lightweight it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications including decorative furniture, shop sale displays and illuminated signs. Acrylic tubes have excellent optical clarity with good UV and weathering resistance. They also have good impact strength with excellent chemical resistance, making them perfect for corrosive environments.PEEK Tube – PEEK is a high-performance polymer plastic that features excellent resistance to very high temperatures and chemicals. This type of tubing is highly durable and has good dimensional resistance (low thermal expansion). PEEK tubing is used in a wide range of industrial applications where there is a higher risk of exposure to high temperatures and chemicals. PEEK tube is typically used in oil, gas and semiconductor industries.Laminated Plastic Tube – Laminated plastic is a material made up of several layers of filler material, (fabric, paper and fibres) that are bonded together with a synthetic resin bonding agent. The tough tubing is readily machinable and is often used for tag strips, insulating sleeves and bushes, busbar supports and insulating spacers. Laminated plastic tube is ideal for light duty applications and features good temperature ratings, abrasion resistance, mechanical and electrical properties.Can plastic tubes be cut to length?We stock plastic tubes in a variety of lengths, however, if required they can be cut, sawn or milled to a specific size using the correct tools at home or on the job. This allows the tubes to be custom shaped and sized, making them ideal for use as smaller components such as rollers or washers.