Laser Level Accessories

Laser level accessories are tools that help you to use a laser level. A laser level is a tool that projects a laser beam onto a surface like a wall or a floor to create a visible and perfectly straight line. This is particularly useful for household improvements such as installing a shelf, as they eliminate the need for a traditional spirit level and free up your hands. Where are laser levels used?Laser levels are commonly found in the construction industry, as well as in cabinetry and civil engineering professions, and are commonly used for concrete and asphalt work. Grading, landscaping and surveying companies also rely on laser levels for their accuracy.Types of accessoriesFlukesA fluke is a type of high precision dial that works as a visual indicator to help the user accurately find the laser line.TripodsTripods help to secure the laser level and provide a visible straight line. The laser level is secure to the tripod in order to project a fixed red and green beam along a horizontal/vertical axis. This allows the user to be hands free to complete a task.