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Spherical Bearings

A Spherical bearing is a bearing that allows angular rotation to occur around a central point in two angled directions. They come in many different types to accommodate a wide variety of applications. What all of them have in common is the ability to accommodate misalignment from mounting or shaft deflection. How they work? Regardless of the type of spherical bearing, they all have the same working principal. They all have outer rings that have spherical inner mouldings. The inner rings have convex outer mouldings that create a perfect sliding surface. The use of other rolling elements such as balls or rollers between the inner and outer rings.ApplicationsSpherical bearings are used in countless applications, wherever rotational motion must be allowed to change the alignment of its rotation axis. An example of this is the drive axle bearings of a vehicle control arm suspension. The mechanic must be allowed to move the axle up and down and the axle bearings must allow the rotational axis of the axle.These bearing can be used in these other applications:• Car Engines• Car driveshaft• Heavy machinery• Sewing machines• Robotics