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Stud Mounts

Stud mounts are fixtures that are crucial in preventing excessive vibrations or shock to machinery and electrical components. They tend to be used as a protective buffer between two parts, such as a DC motor and a mounting frame. Stud mounts are composed of a body made of a pliable material such as silicone, and a screw or thread usually made of steel. They can be installed either in shear or compression designs.
What are stud mounts used for?
Stud mounts reduce wear and increase the lifespan of machinery due to their cushioning effects. They are used in a wide range of applications to provide shock reduction, including in industrial equipment such as grinding machines, and to protect more delicate electrical equipment.
Types of stud mounts
Stud mounts can be male to male, female to male, female to female, or male or female only. The specification relates to whether a screw sticks out of the stud, or whether the stud has a thread inside.