Video Converters

Video converters are a piece of hardware used to transfer video, and sometimes audio, from a host computer to a desired display. They translate one type of video signal to another, enabling users to connect legacy devices with newer ones.What is a video converter used for?These adapters are used to display video on a separate display output. Typically, converters are extremely useful for connecting predecessor equipment to modern outputs, for example: connecting a VHS player to an HDTV. This is a popular cost-effective and waste reducing initiative because it lessens the need to upgrade older, but perfectly functionable, hardware.How do you use a video converter?Using these video adaptors are easy and usually require no software downloads to work. Simply plug the input end of the cable into the correct port of the host laptop and the output end in the corresponding port of the display (e.g. a projector), and the wire performs the signal translation independently. What types of video converters are available? There are numerous combinations of video adaptors, but the types of connection can mostly be split into two categories: analogue and digital. They differ in the way they transfer data and so a converter is necessary to translate the signal. Most commonly used analogue connections include: S-Video VGA RCA BNC Most mainstream digital connections include: HDMI HDMI Mini HDMI Micro DisplayPort DVI-D Some cables can receive both signals like an M1 connection or DVI-I.Typically, digital connection will transfer better quality video. If converting analogue to digital, some adaptors enhance the analogue picture/signal through the conversion process.RS Components feature a generous range of video converters, supplied by leading brands such as StarTech, Roline, and of course our trusted own brand RS Pro.