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Suction Lifters

A Suction lifter is a device used to lift and move objects or loads through the use of suction cups.How do they work?By attaching the suction pads to a flat surface, typically glass or ceramic, you can then use it as a handle for moving objects of varying weights and sizes.Features and benefits:Reduce risk of damage occurring when moving items, especially critical with materials such as glassIncrease productivity as you are able to move more difficult objects more oftenLift multiple industrial quality materials such as glass, synthetic panels, coated wood panels, sheet metal, marble and more.Body of device is made of impact resistant plastic.Can house 1, 2 or 3 or more suction cupsLift weights up to 70 kg and moreWhere might I use one?Applications include; Industrial sectors, retail sectors, warehouses and factories or in your home to help with delicate moves.