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Temperature Gauges

What are Temperature Gauges?
Temperature gauges are devices for measuring and displaying temperature and are designed to measure the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere or a particular object. Analogue Thermometers usually feature a dial to display the temperature. Digital Thermometers have a screen to display temperature and are usually more accurate. These instruments have a wide temperature range.
Types of temperature gauges: • Magnetic thermometers – ideal for use with radiators especially when balancing radiator temperatures. They simply attach to the metal radiator via magnet and take a reading. • Probe thermometers – suitable for measuring things such as food, gases and, depending on waterproof rating, certain liquids. • Clip on thermometers – often come with a spring attachment which goes around a pipe. They are idea for measuring the temperature of heating and water pipes.
Suitable for various industries such as: • Heating and Ventilation • Refrigeration Industry • Air conditioning • Process Manufacturing • Pneumatic • Hydraulic