Cable Label Printer Accessories

Cable label printer accessories are equipment needed to make a cable label printer function. A cable label printer is a printer that has been created to print labels, tags or bar codes on self-adhesive labels for affixing to wiring harnesses and connectors to help them be identified later, which can save significant time when re-wiring an electrical or network installation.How do cable label printers work?Label printers use a variety of label materials, including paper and synthetic polymers (plastic) to print self-adhesive labels. Several types of print mechanisms are also used, including laser and impact printing, but thermal printer mechanisms are probably the most common. AccessoriesHeat shrink marker sleevesHeat shrink marker sleeves are used to identify cables and wires. They are made from fire retardant material and resist smudging to ensure that the users labels are consistently free from smears. Refill labelsRefill labels are typically made from self-laminating vinyl with an acrylic adhesive that allows the user to easily refill the accessory with more labels.