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Pneumatic Timers

Pneumatic timers are used in industrial systems where time needs to be measured. They are used in place of electrical timers, where the use of electricity is unsafe or undesirable, for example where flammable materials are present. Most pneumatic timers use a chamber and a piston to measure time. Air is allowed into the chamber, which pushes the piston towards the end and allows a precise time to be set. Pneumatic timers do not use electrical current and are very accurate.
What are pneumatic timers used for?
Pneumatic timers are used where an electrical current is undesirable, restricted, unavailable or dangerous, such as in the mining, oil and gas industries. You can use them where precise time control is important. By utilising a piston and control valve rather than an electrical current found in a standard timer, such as plug-in time switches, pneumatic timers do not generate sparks that could cause fires or explosions.
Types of pneumatic timers
Choose the timer most suitable for your needs depending on maximum and minimum operating pressures, temperatures and time required. Certain models have Hazardous Area Certification.