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RJ25 Connectors

An RJ (registered jack) connector is used in telecommunications networks to connect voice and data equipment to a local or long distance carrier. The RJ25 connector has a six position (6P/6C) contact structure, similar to RJ11 connectorsand RJ14 modular connectors, but is significantly smaller in size. It is wired for three telephone lines. The connector housing is made from temperature resistant thermoplastics with shielding consisting of nickel or copper plated alloys to increase conductivity. RJ25 connectors can be affixed via through-hole mounting, cable mounting, surface mounting or PCB (printed circuit board) mounting options. RJ25 connectors have either jack or plug type connecting features. What are RJ25 connectors used for?RJ25 connectors are functional in any industry where a telephone and handset device is used such as contact centres, security facilities, customer services centres and reception workstations.Types of RJ25 connectorsRJ25 connectors are classified via a number of contacts, mounting options, orientations, shielding, LAN types and connection types.