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Crimp Piggyback Terminals

Crimp piggyback terminals are solderless electrical connections. They are most often used to terminate stranded wires in domestic or industrial electronics.Crimping means that the wire is bent around a joint and then squeezed together with a crimp tool. This is a cold working technique to form electrical connections without using solder.What are crimp piggyback terminals used for?Crimp piggyback terminals have a hook-shaped design in order to connect with other terminals. Because of the larger size of this component, crimp piggyback terminals are often used in applications where there is plenty of space, like in air conditioners and heating appliances.Depending on the application, different shapes of terminals may be needed. There are also blade terminals, tab terminals, ring terminals, and flag terminals available.Types of crimp piggyback terminalsCrimp piggyback terminals are available for a number of different wire diameters. There are insulated or non-insulated types and shrouded and unshrouded types (with or without plastic cover).