Desk Grommets

Most of us have a hard time keeping cables of different devices tidy on our desks, for instance, the tangling clutter of wires from the computer, printers and speakers means there is always a jungle of cables. This makes any environment look disorganised and a big area for collecting dust. What is even worse? Sometimes, tangled wires can also short-circuit and result in a fire!In order to prevent your workstation or desk from looking disorganised, all you need is to put a proper cable management system in place. How can you achieve that? You will need to drill a hole through the top of the desk and pass all the cables from the different devices through it. But remember, these holes generally have acute edges which can resolve in cutting through the wires due to repeated abrasions in time. A great solution for this is a desk grommet.What is a Desk Grommet?It is a circular ring or tube made from plastic, rubber, and metal, which can be installed inside the outlet hole on a desk. These desk grommets prevent the wires passing through the hole from getting rubbed against sharp edges. They come with a cover which can be closed to prevent dust from entering the hole when the desk is not being used.Features of a Desk Grommet?Available in a variety of finishes and texturesMight be provided with smartphone docks and USB hubs, which gives you an advantage of working on them while chargingMetal finish is the most durable and can be bought for matching the style of your interior decorPlastic or rubber grommets are resilient materials and can be expanded a little if they do not fit tightly in the drilled hole of a deskEasy to installWhat do you need to consider when choosing a Desk Grommet?Shape – desk grommets comes in different shapes and sizes, including round, rectangular or oval. Circular grommet holes are best cut with a hole cutter, while rectangular holes can be cut with a standard saw. For an oval grommet, you may need to use the combination of both.Opening style – the most common opening type is flexible opening, hinged- top grommets, grommets with sliding tops that can closed or opened when desired, and even brush grommets which give that extra protection and help keep cables in place even when disconnected.