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Screwdriver Sets

Screwdriver Sets
Screwdriver sets are the most common tools used by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Screwdrivers are hand held devices use to install and uninstalling fasteners or screws. Screwdrivers rely upon the physical strengths of the operator to deliver accurate force when turning clockwise or anti clockwise via screwdriver handle.
Screwdriver set types
We offer a range of screwdriver sets from VDE, Interchangeable, precision and electronic. The different types of screwdriver are primarily down to the drive tip shape required for a specific head type of a given screw. However, we offer a range of screwdrivers that are application specific.
Screwdriver Construction
For each screwdriver in the set they are made of up of three main parts;
•Handle: The screwdriver handle which is used for gripping has changed material over time and has increased in variety for different applications. The handle is generally shaped to prevent rolling on flat surfaces and can also be ergonomic to improve comfort when gripping. Most commonly the handles are made of a composite of hard plastic such as cellulose acetate and rubber and can be covered in a soft material such as a thermoplastic rubber to improve grip.
•Shaft or shank: The screwdriver shaft or shank is commonly made of strong steel to ensure that bending or twisting deformation does not occur when applying force. The shaft is rounded or has a hexagonal shape so that a spanner or wrench can be used to apply increased torque. The shaft is generally different colouration and material to the drive tip which can be interchangeable.
•Drive tip: The drive tip can be an integrated part of the shank if it is not detachable or it can be an interchangeable part known as a driver bit similar to drill bits. A cordless drill can be used as an electric screwdriver in this capacity. Drive tips can be made in a variety of metals and alloys such as: •Titanium •Stainless steel •Tool grade steel or S2 •High speed steel or HSS •Chromium-vanadium-molybdenum or CVM tool steel
What should I avoid doing?
Do not hold the screw in one hand while using the screwdriver. If the screwdriver slips out of the slot you run the risk of serious hand injury. Never use an incorrect screwdriver on screws, you will damage the head of the screw making the task of removal even greater.
Are they available separately?
Direct replacement screwdrivers are available for certain brands, please browse our Screwdrivers.
Application Information
Screwdrivers and Screwdriver Sets are used by electricians, engineers and mechanics, they are a vital component during assembly of furniture, mechanical repair or general maintenance around the home.