Hydraulic Tee Threaded Adaptors

Hydraulic tee threaded adaptors are T-shaped, 3-way threaded connectors for attaching pipes and hoses to hydraulic systems. These are similar to other threaded adaptors, such as three-way ‘Y’ adaptors or two-way straight threaded adaptorsas well as elbow threaded adaptors. Connection types are male and/or female.What are hydraulic tee threaded adaptors used for?Hydraulic tee threaded adaptors are used for adding connections to hydraulic systems to provide extra lines out. The adaptor itself can be attached to a hydraulic outlet and then have 2 more outlet pipes attached to it to divert hydraulic power to 2 different places. This type of port fitting is suitable for use with a range of reusable fittings and crimped-hoseassemblies.Types of hydraulic tee threaded adaptorsThese adaptors are available in brass, nickel-plated brass, stainless steel or steel with a zinc-chromate finish. They come in multiple configurations depending on your requirements, for example, male to male, female to female, female to male, or male to female. Maximum operating pressure varies to suit different applications and is measured in bars. Maximum and minimum operating temperatures are also specified, which can be significant for use in extreme temperature applications.