Cable Grommet Kits

Cable grommet kits contain a selection of different sized grommets. Cable grommets are tubes or rings acting as channels to feed electrical cables through. The kits include grommets that are made of either rubber or metal.What are cable grommet kits used for?Cable grommets are used to avoid friction between materials and equipment. They are also applied as mechanical sealants to seal openings on surfaces and in machinery. Grommets are used as safety barriers to protect the cables passing through them from hazardous chemicals or mechanical movement. Cable grommet kits may also contain rubber grommets for use in vibration control applications.Cable grommet kits are used in the furniture industry to protect the cords and wires of electronic and computer equipment in a decorative manner, to effectively hide cables and wires behind embellished knobs and caps.Types of cable grommet kitsCable grommet kits are made up of rubber or metal grommets. The kits can contain various grommet counts, of up to 300 grommets per kit. Each cable grommet kit contains grommets with differing hole diameters and thickness levels.