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Interface Adapters

An interface adapter is a hardware device that connects a computer or terminal to a network. They do this by providing a two-way communication system for the flow of data between the network and the device.What are Interface adapters used for?Interface adapters have many supported interfaces, frequencies and intended applications. A Universal Serial Bus (USB) to RJ45 (ethernet) adapter, for example, connects a USB equipped computer or tablet to a network switch, router or modem to bring ethernet to your network connection. A USB to RS-232 adapter connects mobile devices, digital cameras or International Services Digital Network (ISDN) adapters through your USB port. Types of interface adapters. There are numerous types of interface adapters including: RS232 to RS422 Serial Converter. USB Micro to USB Micro Network Adapter. USB 2.0 to IDE USB Cable Assembly. USB 2.0 to RS232 Serial Converter. 9-Pin (Serial) to RJ45 Network Adapter. Display Port Male to D-sub, 15-Pin (VGA) Female Network Adapter. USB Male to Interface Adapter