Lockers & Storage

A locker is designed to be as an easy and effective way of safely storing different items. From personal effects lockers to tool lockers or laptop lockers, there is a wide range of options to suit different environments.Types of LockersStorage lockers vary in height, depth, number of doors and are normally narrow in appearance. Storage lockers do not take up too much space but offer you more space to store items such as office documents, personal belongings and workwear. They give a systemised and clean appearance to the room, and space they have been installed into. Lockers are temporary meaning they can be placed or moved easily and are usually lockable or have the option to add a padlock for added security.Specialist lockers are also available, such as laptop charging lockers that offer a safe and secure environment for your laptops, tablets or mobile phones. These compartment lockers are designed with health and safety in mind to overcome trailing cables and security from theft and can have an anti-bacterial coating to kill harmful bacteria on contact surfaces. These lockers come with built-in sockets and are vented to prevent overheating. A metal locker does not have to only be used in the workplace, school or leisure centre locker rooms, why not use in the home to decorate your interior walls to increase storage space.What to consider when choosing a locker?What is going to be stored in the locker, does it need to be lockable for security? size, vented or non vented, laptop charging available.