Harsh Environment Wire

Harsh environment wires are a type of cable designed to be used in hazardous settings, where the conditions are likely to break or interfere with the function of a regular cable. This may mean high temperatures, high pressure or water. The outer sheath of the wire needs to be very resistant to different conditions and the internal composition of the wire, such as the shield and conductor, may also need to be more rugged.What are harsh environment wires used for?Harsh environment wires have a number of applications for scenarios where a regular wire would not work. For example, wiring in aerospace engineering often uses this type of wire, as do many applications where wiring needs to be placed underwater. They are often used in industries such as oil and gas, the military and the chemical industry.Types of harsh environment wireHarsh environment wires can differ broadly depending on the type of environment they need to be placed in. They can have different insulation materials and thicknesses, making them resistant to higher or lower temperatures, as well as varying lengths and diameters.