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Cable Conduit Fittings

Cable Conduit Fittings
Cable conduit fittings are small devices used to connect cable conduits altogether or to other devices like electrical boxes, enclosures or electrical devices. Cable conduits and cable conduit systems are tubes used to protect and route electrical cable and wiring.
Cable conduit fitting features and applications
Cable conduit fittings are made from strong, durable materials and finishes like stainless steel, galvanised steel, nylon, rubber, PVC and brass. Hard-wearing and long-lasting, they’re ideal for when you need to run cables and wire underground, through walls or for cable protection when cables are run out in the open.
Cable conduit fittings are used in all residential and commercial establishments, especially for wiring and cable that is exposed, or fitted outdoors. Choosing a suitable fitting is important in providing additional cable protection especially electrical cable within a conduit. The industry recognised IP rating, like IP65, is important in matching a fitting with a conduit providing security with your complete conduit system.
Types of cable conduit fittings
Cable conduit fittings are available in a range of mm sizes, depending on the size of your cable conduit. You can also select from a variety of fitting types including: Curved connectors to tackle changes in the direction of a conduit. Straight couplings for securely linking together lengths of conduit. Bushings which are installed on the inside of the boxes and threaded into the conduit end. Adapters for connecting and fitting conduits, cables and wires. Threaded fittings, couplers, gaskets, flanges, clamps, locknuts, spacers, inspection fittings are a small range of the many conduit fittings available.