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Jack Cable Assemblies

Aux cables, often referred to as auxiliary cables or aux cords, are a type of audio cable designed for stereo input and output. Aux cables commonly feature a 3.5mm jack that can be inserted into compatible auxiliary inputs, allowing you to connect a wide range of external audio devices to an amplifier, speaker or stereo system.Why use an Aux Cable?Aux cables are a quick and easy way to connect your portable device to an audio system or speaker, with a wide range of cable lengths and designs to choose from. Auxiliary leads are perfect for on the go situations such as driving and can be easily stored and transferred, boasting excellent portability and convenience.What can Aux Cables be used with?Aux cables are highly versatile audio cables that are compatible with a wide range of audio devices and speakers. Aux cables are often used to connect a portable device to an auxiliary input in a vehicle, allowing music or audio to be played through the car speaker system. Devices that include an auxiliary input jack can be used with aux cables, these are featured in a variety of modern devices such as:Mobile phones and smartphonesMP3 playersiPod’siPadsTabletsComputers or laptopsSat nav systemsWill an aux cable affect the sound quality?An aux cable will allow audio to be amplified with next to no difference in sound quality to the human ear. However, several factors can affect this including the durability and quality of the aux cable. To ensure optimal audio output, prevent regular or over bending of the cable or lead. Another factor to consider is an aux cable with gold plated contacts or jack input connectors, as this will provide a more superior connection and playback with minimal interference.