Hydraulic Blanking Plugs

Hydraulic blanking plugs provide a temporary or permanent way of covering holes in high-pressure hydraulic devices. By sealing holes you can help to prevent leaks and ensure the device operates properly. Depending on their material, hydraulic blanking plugs are resistant to corrosion, oil and most chemicals. They have a threaded shaft and a flat head with a washer. What are hydraulic blanking plugs used for?Hydraulic blanking plugs are used in high pressure fluid applications such as presses, pumps, cylinders, valves, relays, motors, transmissions and turbos. Any blow-off or fault is prevented with a visible hydraulic bite rings on the progressive ring. Stress is evenly distributed throughout which minimises concentration at the bite point. How to choose the right hydraulic blanking plugsHydraulic systems work at high pressures, applying extreme load and vibration to fittings. When choosing the right hydraulic blanking plugs, the technical specifications should be carefully considered. These factors include maximum temperature and pressure, as well as material. Steel hydraulic blanking plugs have a high resistance to corrosion, and plastic plugs are solvent, oil, grease and chemical resistant.