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Combination Pliers

Combination pliers are a useful set of hand tools also known as Lineman pliers or Side-Cutting pliers and are an extremely versatile piece of equipment to have available in a professional or DIY toolbox. These types of pliers have multi-purpose jaws that can be used for gripping, twisting, bending and cutting wires and cables.
How do combination pliers work?
These pliers work by relying on the strengths of the user to deliver accuracy by opening and closing the levers together during the application to open and close the jaws, which in turn multiplies the force through the leverage applied.
What are the key features of combination pliers?
•Most combination pliers have insulated handles or grips that reduce the risk of electric shock when working with electrical wires There are variations of pliers that are non-sparking and VDE/1000V approved for use with live electrical wiring and cabling to ensure the safety of the user •Combination pliers offer multi-purpose functionality that can be applied across a wide range of precision tasks including cutting, gripping, bending, and much more •Serrated grips offer superior grip on materials that may slide or be difficult to grip The cutters on the pliers offer hardened and sharp blades for stubborn materials, however, it is advised to check with the manufacturer for recommended cutting guidelines Some pliers are designed with a locking handle to ensure that they do not accidentally lose grip and damage the cable or the user
Who uses combination pliers?
These types of pliers are commonly used by: •Mechanics •Electricians •Network •Engineers •Cable installation technicians •DIY enthusiasts