IoT Gateways

IoT (Internet of Things) Gateways are industrial devices designed to provide device-to-device or device-to-cloud platform communication, linking sensors, controllers and machinery in a smart and effective network. These gateways normally provide specialist solutions to industrial applications, and are often used in complex automation systems. An IoT Gateway can provide an extra security layer to IoT networks and the data that the networks transport, IoT’s can usually be attached vertically or horizontally on a DIN rail or wall and are ideal for both industrial and commercial applications.IoT, or ‘internet of things’, is a constantly evolving revolution in machine connectivity and industrial internet, and gateways are a significant part of the process. They can perform a variety of IoT applications, such as data filtering and complex analysis, and even allowing visibility and monitoring of data. Industrial IoT gateways can be used with legacy devices or not internet-connected machines to transplant them into a localised network or on-cloud IoT ecosystem. Gateways are also essential in edge computing, or fog computing, which allows complex data functions to be performed at source and on premises, rather than over a cloud network.The RS Components range of IoT Gateway devices has excellent solutions for expanding your IoT ecosystem or levelling up your industrial environment.What is the main function of an IoT Gateway?Gateways are considered to be an essential component of an IoT solution. IoT gateways have various functions including translating protocols to encrypting, processing, managing, securing and filtering data and are located between devices and sensors to interact with the cloud.All IoT systems need a way to connect sensors and devices to the cloud so that the data can be sent back and forth between them. By using IoT gateways, these devices make this connection possible as they act as bridges between sensors and devices and the cloud.