Enclosure Mounting Brackets

Enclosure mounting brackets are used to attach different types of enclosure to a wall or other surfaces allowing enclosures to be stored up off the floor. Enclosures often need to be mounted to the wall in order to save space or to provide the enclosed equipment with greater protection. Mounting brackets are fixed against the surface with the enclosure and will usually come with the screws and fasteners and will require a screwdriver or drill in order to install or mount the enclosure. Types of enclosure mounting bracketsAngle Bracket – is a type of fastener that can also be referred to as a shelf bracket, corner brace or L bracket. Typically made of steel and stainless steel they are used to join two parts at a 90-degree angle. The brackets are suitable for bracing and supporting shelves and drawers and many other applications. Brackets lengths vary in both directions to accommodate each application as well as having a variety of widths and hole patterns. Flat T Brackets – also known as mending plates, provide a simple and cheap means of connecting two surfaces together. The pre-drilled connectors are laid onto the surface that you are strengthening, repairing or joining and screwed into place with flat head screws with a flush finish. They are used to reinforce or repair furniture and joints in many household items.Folding Brackets – are heavy duty steel brackets which can be folded down when not in use. It works by providing a solution to additional shelves and storage where space is limited. Ideal for wall mounting enclosures and shelves for storage. Typical applications include office locations, shops and stores, Kitchens, workshops, DIY enthusiasts, home use anywhere where space is limited.L Brackets – are a versatile metal connector used to strengthen or repair joints, for example in shelving, box corners, wooden furniture, picture frames and enclosures. Generally, L brackets come countersunk and predrilled with holes for use with flat screws. They are laid onto the surface or the area to be stabilised and then screwed into place with four flat-headed wood screws, such as those found in the corner of a picture frame. L Brackets are designed to provide support, stabilise and strengthen objects.