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Latches, hinges and handles are mechanisms used on doors, cabinets and draws. They often come under the classification of Door Hardware, Cabinet hardware and Door furniture. They are available in a wide range of materials and finishes and are suitable for many different applications. RS Components offer a comprehensive range of Latches, catches, hinges and handles for all your needs.What is a Latch?A door latch is a mechanical mechanism used to hold a door or gate in place. Door latches are usually used on internal doors and are operated by a handle or knob. They come in two parts. The main part of the door latch is fitted into the door itself. A door latch will engage with another piece of hardware (usually a catch) which is fitted into the frame or other surface keeping the door closed.Types of LatchesGate latchesInternal door latchesNight latchesPaddle latchesWhat is a Catch?Door catches are designed to keep a door in its normal closed position. Door catches usually work in conjunction with a door latch.Types of CatchesMagnetic catchPressure catchBall catchHandlesA handle is a mechanism used to open or close a door, drawer, cabinet or cupboard. Door handles come in three main types, pull, lever or doorknob. They come in a range of materials and finishes. Door handles can be also be fitted with concealed fixingsMaterialsAluminiumBrassPolyamideStainless SteelFinishesPolishedSatinStainless SteelHingesA hinge is a piece of door hardware that attaches to a door or gate. A hinge is a movable jointed device that joins a door and a frame or a gate and a fence. Hinges come in various types and materials.Hinge TypesButt HingePiano HingePin HingeConcealedSpringHinge MaterialsPlasticBrassAluminiumStainless Steel

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