Digital Positive Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are measurement devices which display the pressure of a liquid or gasses within a hydraulic or pneumatic system. Pressure gauge accessories are available to help with installation and maintenance of pressure gauges.We offer a wide range of accessories for use with Analogue Pressure Gauges and Digital Pressure Gauges. Analogue pressure gauges use a traditional dial where the needle reacts and displays pressure. The digital variant uses a digital screen to display the pressure.Accessories can be made from plastic, rubber or metal (stainless steel) and this material depends on its purpose. Some accessories, such as adapters, may attach to the gauge using a threaded connection such as a G 1/4 or NPT 3/8. It is important to ensure that your chosen gauge accessory has the compatible connections for your device.Types of pressure gauge accessories:AdaptersFittings/CouplingsPressure probesSensorsGauge siphonsHolstersMounting BlocksMounting Rings