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Headband Magnifiers

Headband magnifiers are pieces of headgear that feature a magnifying glass. They are ideal for close-up precision work allowing your hands to stay free while using tools. The headband is adjustable and usually includes interchangeable lenses with different focal lengths. If you are working in an area with poor visibility, then a headband with a spotlight attached can be used.What to Look for in a Headband Magnifier•Multiple lenses – If you are trying to view items that are small, having multiple lenses that can change the magnification level is a huge benefit.•Lighting – LED lighting comes on many headbands and is a useful tool when you require more lighting to work on a project.•Comfortable – Keeping in mind that a headband is worn on your head and possibly for a long time, it has to be comfortable to wear.•Adjustable – Headbands that can be adjusted are ideal as they allow different people with different head sizes to be able to use the magnifier.•Lens material – Lenses have to be strong and durable and ideally made from glass or acrylic.Where are they used?Headband magnifiers are an ideal tool for detailed tasks in laboratories, project work, general hobbies and inspection work.