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Soldering Irons

A soldering iron is a hand-held tool that supplies heat through a heated metal tip enabling you to melt solder. Melting solder helps it flow into the joint between a heating element and a piece of work. Soldering Irons are usually supplied as a kit with a stand so heated soldering tip can be safely secured while not in operation. Also, some iron models even allow for hands-free soldering or de-soldering as a stand can hold a tool in a horizontal position.
Gas Soldering Irons
•Lead-free, Gas Soldering Irons are normally Butane gas-powered •They are useful for doing occasional repairs •Cordless for when there is no mains power •Reach into areas without a trailing power cord •Adjustable flame allows for temperature adjustment •Refillable Butane Gas Tanks
Electric Soldering Irons
•Suitable for repetitive work (soldering & desoldering) •Maintains consistent temperature
Replaceable Iron Tips
Heating is often achieved electrically, bypassing an electric current supplied through an electrical cord or wire •A precise trigger ensure accurate soldering and desoldering
Battery-Powered Soldering Irons
•Battery-powered tool •Rechargeable battery •Quick to set up and easy to operate •Cable-free power tool, cordless soldering irons •Portable design
Replaceable Iron Tips
Ideal for typical professional and DIY uses
Soldering irons are used in a variety of applications such as pyrography, in electronics assembly, in workshops, repairing components and for many DIY projects.