Battery Storage Boxes

Battery storage boxes are an easy and convenient way of securing and storing batteries. They are sometimes referred to as battery cases or battery organisers. Battery storage boxes and cases are typically made from sturdy plastic, and are shatterproof and drop proof. They come in a range of styles and can vary from a simple plastic box with a lid (sometimes removable, sometimes hinged) or can be a plastic casing where batteries can easily be slipped in or removed. Some battery cases can only accommodate one size of battery whereas others can accommodate a range of different standard sized batteries.Who uses them?Battery storage boxes can be used by anyone to store and transport their batteries, whether it is in a commercial setting or for private use.Benefits of battery storage boxes:Battery storage boxes provide a level of protection for your batteries.The size of the box or the casing is matched to fit the size of a particular battery or range of batteries, this ensures a snug fit so that no batteries will be misplaced.Despite a snug fit, the cases don’t scratch off the labels or any of the print on the surface of the battery.Some battery cases are available in bright colours, making them easy to identify and to separate.Battery cases can also help to differentiate and organise fresh or new batteries and used or discharged batteries. This can be done by simply placing the batteries into the case with the terminals facing in different directions.They tend to be compact items, and take up barely any additional space over the size of the batteries they contain.