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RJ22 Connectors

The RJ22 connector is a type of Registered Jack (RJ) connector that typically has four positions and four contacts. This connector is very common in telecommunication applications, and is normally used in telephone headsets. Sometimes referred to as an RJ9 or RJ10 connector, this connector can be used to plug into the modular handset port of a fixed-line telephone, to use that line for a headset extension.The RS range of RJ22 Connectors includes Cat3 and Cat5e connectors, with shielded and unshielded versions.ApplicationsRJ22 connectors are typically used in any work environment where wire telephone headsets are common, such as in office or call centre environments, where the need to input information while maintaining customer communication is essential.They can also be used in standard telephone connections, and switches, and in internet routers and servers.