Wireless Adapters & WiFi dongles

A wireless adapter allows a wireless connection between a wireless router and non-wireless devices. By simple installation, you can connect any non-wifi computer or smart device e.g. programmable thermostats, CCTV cameras or TV, to the Internet. The connection has the same stability level as if it were connected directly via Ethernet cable.Types of wireless adaptersThe most common types are USB and PCI adapters. USB adapters are able to work with any device equipped with a USB port.PCI adapters are designed to work within the PC body, connecting straight to the mainboard using an empty PCI port.All wireless adapters offered by the RS Components meet 802.11 technology standards. Within our wide range of adapters, we offer the new super-fast 802.11n adapters as well as the standard 802.11 type. Our range delivers long-life products with hassle-free operation.How to choose a correct adapterFirst, decide on an interface (port) that is going to be used for the adapter. USB adapters are the most common and the easiest to install but at the same time need an empty USB port for operation. Installing an adapter directly to the main board using the PCI port keeps your device within an existing body cover and does not use up valuable USB ports. The second consideration is the data transfer capability. Faster 802.11 g or n adapters guarantee a super-fast and strong signal.