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RJ11 Connectors

RJ11 connectors, or Registered Jack Connectors, are connectors which are standardised for telecommunication network interfaces. They work with audio and data devices and allow them to communicate with service providers.What are male and female RJ11 connectors?RJ11 connectors are available in male or female genders. Male RJ11 connectors are paired with wires which are attached to contacts on the connector. The connector piece will slot into a socket on the device, for example a telephone. This socket is the female RJ11 connector.What are they used for?The RJ11 connector is used for plugging in telephone handsets to wall receptacles, and is commonly used for this purpose in many countries around the world. RJ11 connectors are also use with modems.Our range of RJ11 connectors include plugs and sockets for modular and pcb mounting, and are available either unshielded or shielded. There are even ATEX versions available for hazardous environments.