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Abrasive Mounted Points

Abrasive mounted points, or abrasive wheels, are commonly used with power grinders for deburring, smoothing, cleaning, polishing and general finishing operations. They can be used on a variety of materials including metal, wood, plastic and fibreglass.Types of abrasive mounted pointsAbrasive mounted points are made in different shapes and from different materials. Common materials include:Grinding stone – used for light burring and finishing. Ideal for removing paint and rust without removing the base material.Pink aluminum oxide – works best for hardened or heat treatment steels but it also suitable for general grinding of other materials.How to mount an abrasive mounted pointAbrasive mounted points are very simple to use. They’re designed with abrasive on one end and a metal mounted point on the other end. The metal mounted point fits inside your power grinder and then needs to be twisted so that it’s secure. When working with an abrasive mounted mount, it’s recommended that you wear eye protection, such as safety goggles.