Cable Tacking Gun Staples

Staples are used as a method of binding paperwork together, such as letters, documents and stationary,Staples are great to keep important documents securely together, used widely in offices and businesses. What is a staple?A staple is a thin piece of wire with bent ends that when put through a staple gun will fasten papers together, the ends are sharp so pierce the paper and the stapler bends the wire over so it secures the paper. A Staple consists of teeth crown and leg, the teeth puncture the paper and the leg folds behind the crown to secure the paper Staples are made from steel wire usually plated with zinc, or metalStaples come in different sizes and can differ in thickness too they are sized by their leg length commonly used staple sizes 13/8 13/6 24/8 24/6 26/6 Heavy duty sizes 23/8, 23/12, 23/15, 23/20, 23/24, 13/10 13/14. Staple sizesStaples normally have 2 numbers to define their size known as the the Gauge and the shank For example 13/8First number Gauge = wire diameter i.e. 13 Second number = Shank. This is the distance from the back of the staple to the tip of its leg i.e. 8 (Measured in mm) It is important to choose the correct size staple for the job you are doing so you get a neater finish Most manufacturers of staple guns will have the size of the staple needed imprinted on the bottom of the stapler