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Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Vacuum cleaning is an essential cleaning solution not only for carpets but can be used on hard floors. However, it’s important you have all the cleaning part for the many jobs. The accessories that are required include Vacuum Filters – These ensure the particles you’re hoovering up are being captured causing no harm to asthmatic people. HEPA filters can be fitted to ensure they catch 100% of the particles. Vacuum Nozzles – When you need to be more detailed with your cleaning, an additional nozzle can help you get into those hard to reach areas where dust can build up. Vacuum Brushes – Both rotating motorised brushes or finer detailing brushes can be used as an attachment depending on your requirements. Vacuum Bags – It’s important to keep you vacuum at its optimum performance and emptying a vacuum bag must be regularly to avoid a drop in performance. RS Components offers disposable and reusable vacuum bags.