ESD-Safe Tape

ESD (electro-static discharge) tape is a kind of adhesive, anti-static tape used to seal packages where electro-static discharge may cause a problem. ESD tape is either naturally anti-static or has been treated so that as it is unwound or used, so there is little risk of static.What is ESD tape used for?ESD safe tape is primarily used as a safety device, so that you can reduce the risk of contamination of your products. Where equipment contains a semiconductor, such as a memory chip, ESD control is needed so that it is not damaged, and ESD safe tape provides one way of managing the risk. It is often used in addition to storing the equipment in a clean room.Types of ESD tapeThe tape can vary according to:its size and length, depending on the size of the package that needs to be sealedthe material it is made from, which can be conductive or dissipative or neitherits colour and design, which may be plain, clear, or have a printed logo displaying its ESD safe properties