To listen to audio in comfort and privacy, headphones are a must. Compatible with all kinds of digital and analogue media devices, headphones allow you to hear clearly and completely, without disturbing or being disturbed by your environment.From basic ear buds, to complex studio quality headphones, the RS Components range offers models from leading brands, including Sennheiser.What is Frequency Response?Frequency response represents the headphone’s ability to reproduce frequencies. It is a range of bass, mids and treble. The lower number stands for the bass and the higher number is for the treble. Frequency responses vary per headphone, some offer wider ranges but that does not always represent a better quality of sound. 20 to 20,000 Hz is seen as an audible range.Convenient ListeningEar bud headphones, or in-ear headphones, with 3mm connections are available. Able to connect to a wide variety of devices, and sitting lightly in the ears, these models are perfect for casually listening to music and podcasts. However, they are not well suited for professional audio applications.Comfort and QualityWith padded ears and adjustable headbands available, the RS Components range of headphones offers solutions for professional environments, where long periods of use may be required.Open Back or Closed Back?When considering the right headphones for you, closed or open back is something everyone should consider. Close backed headphone are sealed and shut out environmental noise, which is useful for when you need to concentrate on the audio without distractions. However, open back headphones allow air into the headphones, which gives the listener a more natural interpretation of the audio, which may be essential for music producers and podcast editors.For the ultimate in reducing environmental distraction, noise cancelling technology can be employed.Why Go Wireless?Wireless headphones offer increased mobility than those that are tethered by a connection cable. This is perfect if you need to listen on-the-go. However, they require charging and a strong signal to work, and may be prone to failure if any of these are compromised. Wired headphones, particularity those with a 3mm connection, have the advantage of offering a standardized, almost universal, connection solution.In-ear, On-ear or Over-Ear?• In-ear headphones, sometimes known as earphones, are the smallest style. They are inserted into the ear canal are great for blocking out noises from outside. In-ear headphones are made from various materials, some using rubber on the earplugs for comfort purposes. They are ideal for everyday use.• On-ear headphones, also known as supra-aural, are larger than in-ear headphones but still very portable. They tend to be more comfortable for longer periods of wear too.• Over-ear headphones, or around-ear, headphones are the largest style. They feature ear cups which sit over the entire ear. Over-ear are great for comfort and noise cancellation due to their large padded cups. However, long periods of wear may cause sweat around the ear as they encapsulate it.