Braided Wire

Braided wire earth leads are high grade copper braids used for earthing and electrical bonding applications. Typically supplied with a grounding lug on either end to attach to equipment terminals. Braided wire protects the cable from electromagnetic interference (EMI ) which is all around us and can interrupt signal strength or cause electrical failure or data loss.Where might I use braided wire?Braided earth wire is typically used in the construction, automotive, aerospace and rail industries, but is also essential for grounding in audio, video and computer systems.What is a braided wire?Known for its durability, copper braid is used all over the globe within cables for the strongest possible electric connection. Primarily use of a braided cable is an earthing strap for both safety and the elimination of static. Two of the biggest issues in electronics. If a sturdy and flexible braided wire is needed.Benefits of CopperCopper is the obvious choice of material for cables and wires due to the famously conductive properties it has. Speaker cables, circuit boards and various types of advanced wiring all use copper wire as their connection. With the added excellent flexibility provided by a braided cable, all applications can expect a smooth and consistent performance for the connected electronics.